Who is Pro Ocean?

We are driven by a future, where we can live harmoniously together in a healthy environment. The foundation for our advanced and interlinked future needs to be a healthy natural environment. That’s why we founded Life e.V.

Bastian Günther

Bastian Günther

I believe in a livable future, where mindfulness and responsibility represent the core of all acting. It is crucial to me, that all polluted waters of our earth can recover and get back to a healthy balance.

Stefan Schaefer

Stefan Schaefer

I want to contribute a part to keep our planet an inhabitable place for all of us. I commit every day to make a little change for a better future, these efforts are not in worthless – I’m sure about that.

Lukas Roth

Lukas Roth

„All life origins from the sea”. That’s why I want to contribute to keep our oceans clean and reduce the plastic already there. So many people will profit from its immense richness for much longer.

Paula Masia Lillo

I believe that the change can still be done, and as a marine biologist and nature lover, fighting plastic pollution is one of my main objectives. As scientist, I work in the study of microplastics at different levels – organisms and environment – and in my personal live I try to make people aware of this problem and the risks that plastic pollution can entail. We can not live in a healthy planet without healthy oceans.

Konstantin Müller

Getting the oceans clean again? Not producing so much waste in the first place and using or even improving what we have? This is exactly my approach, which I pursue since a long time. I take apart, repair or upgrade devices that are carelessly thrown away, because they appear defective to the average consumer. Newer does not equal better. The sustainability and upcycling accompanies me my entire life and I hope to contribute a part for our future generations.

Ronja Günther

To work for our oceans and against plastic pollution is not only meaningful, it is also well invested time. I contribute my part in my daily life too. There are so many issues in the world, we are confronted with every day. Nobody can solve them alone, but each of us can ensure that their purpose is accomplished. Through my studies I try to combine nature conservancy with a sustainable managed agriculture.

Nitya Schaefer

One of my goals in life is the happiness of all living beings. That means taking care of my little boy’s future and helping to release the stress and the tension of the people. As a massage therapist, I understand that people need a push to respect their bodies; the rest comes with the awareness. My studies in art history have given me an aesthetic perspective with which I contribute on the social media team. When the ocean will be healthy again, we will be too. Let’s protect it.

Matthias Krimmer

My personal and professional life is all about water protection and water sports. Currently I work with ocean algae to find CO2 neutral insulation possibilities. One of my main subjects during my studies was water purification and I went the additional miles and got a water protection officer. As well, I pursued my interest in the ocean and started to learn scientific diving. I brought my knowledge to action with Pro Ocean.

Miriam Lutz

It is important to me to show my community how they can actively live marine conservation and provide an example what each individual can do.
At Pro Ocean, I make Instagram posts and I take care of all the texts.

Isabel Erben

As an ocean lover and diver, marine conservation and pollution of the world’s oceans means a lot to me.
I am very proud to be part of the Pro Ocean team, to reach out to others and contribute to the protection of the oceans and our environment.

Odette Deuber

Odette Deuber

Supervisory board

Dr. Odette Deuber has been working in the field of climate protection for over 20 years – from applied policy consulting at the Öko-Institut e.V. to managing partner at KlimAktiv gGmbH, a think tank for CO2 accounting and climate protection. She is in charge of consulting projects in the area of carbon footprint and corporate climate strategy and is very familiar with the compensation of greenhouse gases. As board member of UnternehmensGrün e.V., the association of sustainable companies, she supports actively corporate climate protection, e.g. at Entrepreneur for Future.


Søren Knudsen

Project Manager

Søren is our project manager on site. He works for a Philippine NGO through which he manages the Pro Ocean collection project in the Philippines. Søren is a deep sea diving instructor and spends most of his days exploring mesophotic coral reefs. He lives in a bamboo hut on a mountain, is considered a bit of a fish hippie, and couldn’t be happier.

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