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We are connected to a network of collection points at the coastlines in Indonesia, Haiti, Brazil and the Philippines. The collection points are located close to the coastline to get hold of the ocean bound plastic.

The ocean bound plastic is collected by hand and then further assorted. This is more environmentally friendly and everyone can participate. More about the participant’s payment in the next question.

With your donation we can triple the daily pay of the poorest population and secure the livelihood of their families.

The plastic is assorted by color and material. It gets cleaned and shredded to pellets. Afterwards the pellets are sold as raw material and new products are manufactured with 100% recycled material.

95% of the plastic gets washed in the ocean through rivers. Many countries do not have a functional waste management system yet. Subsequently the plastic stays in the environment and gets washed from the rain in the rivers and is then transported into the ocean.

38 kgs represent the average consumption of single use plastic per person per year in Germany, after a study of the German federal environment agency.  See the study (in German only) → Therefor we concentrate on single use plastics or “consumer plastics”.

Not directly. Our disposed reusable materials change the owner several times before they end up mostly in Malaysia. There they get assorted and washed to gain on value and recyclability. The left overs, which can’t be recycled or are to expensive to recycle are mainly not disposed correctly.

The cleared plastic gets a number at the collection point. With this number a certificate is formed and will be later passed on to you.

We keep close to the occurring costs and we underlie the requirements to keep non-profit status.

Our cooperation underlies trust. You will nevertheless receive a certificate (the Pro Ocean sticker) with a unique number, which is related to your donation. Each certificate is assigned with the number the initial plastic received at the place of collection. Like that we can assure that no cleared plastic is certificated twice.

So far we did not have any problems with it. If the bin isn’t yours you should get in contact with your local waste management provider.

Our Pro Ocean sticker is 100% recyclable and therefor leaves no traces when returned in a new lifecycle.

Yes! For all donations (more than 1€) we will send it to you via email.

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