We collect and recycle on Negros Island, one of the largest islands in the Philippines. The project site was chosen there because pollution is particularly high there and at the same time we are protecting one of the most biodiverse habitats on earth with the Tanon Strait.

The ocean-bound plastic is collected and sorted by hand, which is very environmentally friendly and everyone can participate. Then all the waste is sorted, weighed and then recovered, recycled or landfilled.

Through your donation, we can triple the daily wages of the poorest people on the Philippines and thus ensure the livelihood of them and their families. All our employees have a permanent employment and health insurance.

Das geborgene Plastik wird nach Farben und Material sortiert, gereinigt und geschreddert und anschließend zu Granulat verarbeitet. Jetzt können neue, zu 100 % recycelte Produkte daraus hergestellt werden.

95% of plastic comes from Asian rivers. In many countries of the world, there is no functioning waste disposal system. As a result, the waste enters the environment and is washed into the sea by the rain via the rivers.

The collected plastic is assigned a certification number when it is accepted. This results in a certificate, which in turn is passed on to you.

The price consists of the costs for our employees, training, education, monitoring and administration. In addition, we are subject to the requirements of non-profit status.

Our cooperation is based on trust.  You will receive a certificate with a number assigned to your donation. This way we make sure that no collected plastic is allocated twice. In addition, in the future you can directly see when and where your money was used via our Transparency Dashboard.

Yes! It will be sent by email afterwards (For all donations from 1€).

Not in a direct way. German recyclables change hands several times until they usually arrive in Asia. There they are sorted and cleaned to meet higher recycling principles. The additional waste that results is usually not disposed of properly.


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Protect our oceans for people. for animals. with Pro Ocean!

We collect plastic and other waste on 6 days a week on Negros Island, Philippines. Areas of operation are beaches, estuaries and mangrove forests, as most plastic enters the oceans via rivers and beaches.

By doing this, we prevent plastic from entering the oceans in the first place and turning into microplastics. In addition, we don’t need expensive technology and involve local people.

By the way: In the meantime, evidence of microplastics has even been found in the Arctic and in human blood.

Wir sammeln an 6 Tagen die Woche auf der Insel Negros, Philippinen. Einsatzgebiete sind Strände, Flussmündungen und Mangrovenwälder, da das meiste Plastik über Flüsse und Strände in die Ozeane gelangt.

Wir verhindern damit, dass Plastik überhaupt die Ozeane erreicht und zu Mikroplastik werden kann. Außerdem brauchen wir keine teure Technologie und beteiligen die Menschen vor Ort.

By the way: Inzwischen wurde sogar schon in der Arktis und in menschlichem Blut der Nachweis von Mikroplastik erbracht.