Transparency is a central component of our work. As a donation organization, we want to report as transparently and comprehensibly as possible on how we use donations. That is why we have joined the Transparent Civil Society initiative. We are committed to making the following ten pieces of information available to the public and keeping them up to date at all times.


1. name, seat, address and year of foundation

Name: Life e.V.

Seat: Auwiesenstraße 34, 72770 Reutlingen

Year of foundation: 2019

Contact: Bastian Günther ([email protected])


2. statutes and goals

To the statutes.

To our goals.

3. notice of exemption

Life e.V. is recognized as serving charitable purposes according to the attachment to the corporation tax assessment notice of the Reutlingen tax office, tax number 78042/31610, dated June 14, 2022, for the last assessment period 2019-2020 and is exempt from corporation tax according to §5 para.1 no.9 of the Corporation Tax Act and from trade tax according to §3 no.6 of the Trade Tax Act.

4. name and function of key decision-makers

Management Board: Bastian Günther

Supervisory Board: Susanne Schaefer

The Executive Board and Supervisory Board each consist of only one person.

5. activity report

Information on our activities can be found in the current annual report.

6. personnel structure

An up-to-date overview (as of Dec. 31, 2022) can be found in the current annual report.

7. source of funds

A detailed overview of our source of funds can be found in the current annual report.

Account balance at the beginning and end of the reference year:

Account balance 01.01.2023:    9.916,19 €

Account balance 31.12.2023: 132.078,31 €

8. appropriation of funds

A detailed overview of our use of funds can be found in the current annual report.

9. corporate legal relationship with third parties

Life e.V. is an independent nature conservation society and is not affiliated with any other society in the legal sense. Pro Ocean is a trademark of Life e.V.

10. persons/organizations whose annual payments represent more than 10% of the total budget

In 2023, more than half of all donation revenues were provided by KrollCosmetics Concept GmbH. A detailed overview of our funding sources can be found in the current annual report.