Here you can find anything about our ocean conservation projects.

With our ocean conservation projects...

... we free beaches and mangroves
from ocean plastic ...
Pro Ocean | Mangroven sind sensible Ökosysteme und durch Ozeanplastik bedroht.

We collect everything that does not belong in nature - from ocean plastic to electronic waste. It is then sorted, recycled and reused in an environmentally friendly way. In this way, we conserve resources, reduce CO2 & protect the environment.

... provide a social and
fair impact ...
Pro Ocean | faire Jobs

Only fair jobs can make a real difference on the ground. That is why our collection team in the Philippines is permanently employed and has health insurance.

... and focus on environmental
education for children.
Pro Ocean | Umweltbildung

Environmental education is the key to solving the plastic problem. Because education and environmental protection are directly linked. We are launching educational projects for children - in the Philippines and in Germany.

Oceanplastics collecting- and recycling-project

Location: Negros Island, Philippines

Areas: Beaches, estuaries, mangrove forests.

Average amount collected per day: 250 – 450 kg 

Waste composition: plastics, ropes and nets, cigarettes, etc.

Recycling rate of collected waste: ~ 47%.

"We are proud that our project focuses on the local people and not on expensive technologies. Only together with them can we succeed in making a measurable impact in the long term."
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Aljoscha Frick
Data Lead

Environmental education about the ecosystem of mangroves

Location: Negros Island, Philippines

Operational areas: local elementary schools

Target group: Children between 7-10 years

Topic area: mangrove ecosystem

Teaching content: Combination of classroom and field trip

"With our education project, we are reaching out to future generations, preventing plastic from entering the oceans in the first place in the future."
Jane Krüger
Project Manager Education Project