Join the fight against ocean plastic.

Boost your brand!

Being active with us means:

Take the lead and enable all-in-one ocean conservation! Follow the United Nations recommendation and support coastal clean ups with Pro Ocean. Support secure and fairly paid jobs instead of precarious employment.
Establish ocean conservation as a key element of your brand! 91 % of consumers consider the global plastic problem to be very important! Around 83% of consumers are concerned about the state of the oceans!
Play an proactive role in protecting biodiversity and endangered ecosystems! Transparent processes and direct access to the recycling and collection project. Relevant KPIs to monitor and communicate your impact.
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Use Cases

1 EURO for the oceans

For each order or ordered product in your store you donate an individually determined amount (e.g. 1 €) to Pro Ocean and thereby create an additional impact.

Your benefit:

  • Real commitment to your customers
  • Maximum transparency with the Pro Ocean Dashboard
  • Easy onboarding in just 3 steps
  • Monthly aggregated donation certificate
  • Individual beauty certificate
  • Detailed information material for your web presence
  • Professional pictures and videos of your impact

Customer Impact Checkout

Offer your customers the opportunity to voluntarily donate at checkout and have an amount of ocean plastic and other waste (e.g. 1 kg) collected that gives their order an additional value.

Your Benefit:

  • Direct engagement for your customers
  • Easy integration via checkbox
  • Maximum transparency with the Pro Ocean Dashboard
  • Feedback loops for your after sales
  • Individual beauty certificate with your logo
  • Detailed information material for your website
  • Image and video material of your Impact


Offer your guests the opportunity to do good for the ocean while on vacation. “Vacation for the Oceans”.

By paying a certain amount per booking or overnight stay, animals and nature in the vacation area are protected and waste from the beaches is collected and recycled.

Your Benefit:

  • Direct association of vacation and environmental protection
  • Individual information flyer with your logo
  • Information material, pictures and videos about ocean plastic for your website


Organize events with impact and show the participants your impact with Pro Ocean.

Make a difference with your event and stand up for people, animals and the ocean. For example, donate a certain amount per participant.

Your Benefit:

  • Good feeling for participants through visible impact
  • Individual certificate of participation with your logo
  • Information material, pictures and videos about ocean plastic for your website


You would like to become locally engaged and collect plastic and waste with your employees in the area of your company headquarters?

We have the equipment, contacts and experience and organize everything that is important for such a clean up.

Your Benefit:

Anything from vests with your logo, to clarifying water bird breeding times with NABU and analyzing your collection amounts, we’ve got you covered and we’ll even bring a photographer to capture your involvement in the best way possible!


Why Pro Ocean?


  • Daily updated pictures for each donation
  • Exact breakdown of the collected waste
  • Information about the Clean-Up Team
  • Info already available within 48 h


  • Jobs for 8 families
  • Environmental education for local school children
  • Saves animals from death
  • Protects mangroves from


  • Non-profit nature conservation association
  • Experienced scientific advisory board
  • Member of the Prevent Waste Alliance
  • Ocean Bound Plastic certified (ongoing)

Support us also via:

What about making a difference? being Pro Ocean?


Reach out for an intial call to set up your Impact.

We collect plastic and other waste on 6 days a week on Negros Island, Philippines. Areas of operation are beaches, estuaries and mangrove forests, as most plastic enters the oceans via rivers and beaches.

By doing this, we prevent plastic from entering the oceans in the first place and turning into microplastics. In addition, we don’t need expensive technology and involve local people.

By the way: In the meantime, evidence of microplastics has even been found in the Arctic and in human blood.

Wir sammeln an 6 Tagen die Woche auf der Insel Negros, Philippinen. Einsatzgebiete sind Strände, Flussmündungen und Mangrovenwälder, da das meiste Plastik über Flüsse und Strände in die Ozeane gelangt.

Wir verhindern damit, dass Plastik überhaupt die Ozeane erreicht und zu Mikroplastik werden kann. Außerdem brauchen wir keine teure Technologie und beteiligen die Menschen vor Ort.

By the way: Inzwischen wurde sogar schon in der Arktis und in menschlichem Blut der Nachweis von Mikroplastik erbracht.