MISSION and Vision.


When a whale with 40 kilograms of plastic in its stomach washed up dead in the Philippines in 2019, it was clear to Basti that we had to do something. The idea of our own collection and recycling project in one of the most biodiverse ecosystems on earth was born.

With Pro Ocean, we have been working for people, animals and plants living in and around the ocean ever since. We save animals from death by ocean plastic, protect mangrove forests, explain to children what plastic can cause and we think about what we can do with the collected waste. 

It is very important for us to involve the local people. We fight the causes of ocean plastic and other waste where it is created – on land. In addition, we do not need expensive technology and therefore use the donations very effectively. We offer local people secure and fairly paid jobs, creating change through participation. 

When it comes to oceans, we are very conservative. We like them without plastic and other waste.


We work for a world without ocean plastic and other waste. For a world where people and animals can enjoy the ocean habitat without the harmful consequences of excessive consumption and carelessness.

By 2030, we aim to clean the entire island of Negros in the Philippines of waste with our collection teams and educate 30,000 school children each year about the issue. 15,000 square kilometers of mangrove forest are to be reforested and protected, while at the same time providing local people with a source of income, for example through ecotourism. 50,000 whales, dolphins, turtles, birds and fish are to be saved from death by ocean plastic through our work. 


Bastian Günther



Basti is the creative mastermind of Pro Ocean. After an apprenticeship as a precision mechanic and his studies to become a business administrator, Basti has worked as an industrial climber in Australia and Germany. He has repaired the Sydney Opera House and built and maintained wind turbines in Germany. At a Stuttgart-based start up, he worked as a Manager of Finance. Since 2020, Basti has also been a lecturer in ocean plastics at a university in southern Germany.

Favorite water spot:    Beach of el Pais, Colombia

Favorite song:             Electric Eyes, Metaform

Lukas Roth



Lukas has been with Pro Ocean since the very beginning and developed the idea together with Basti. While studying industrial engineering at the Technical University of Berlin, Lukas started working for the climate protection organization atmosfair. The calculation of emissions from airplanes and corporate carbon footprints were his favorite topics. After about 10 years in Berlin and 5 years at atmosfair, Lukas is now back in the south and working full time for Pro Ocean.

Favorite water spot:    Beaches of little corn island, Nicaragua

Favorite song:             Alive, Rüfüs du Sol

Stefan Schaefer



Stefan is the tekkie among us and has been with Pro Ocean from the very beginning. Stefan studied in Munich and then traveled all over the world and finally landed in Canada. There he gained experience at Bombardier as a Methods Agent. Now he is back in Germany working for CureVac and supports Pro Ocean whenever and wherever he can. Stefan built our website and took care of the development of our project in the Philippines.

Favorite water spot:    St. Lawrence river, Quebec Canada

Favorite song:             



Social Media & Project

Ronja is our green thumb and knows plants of all kinds. After studying organic agriculture, she is now dedicated to climate change and permaculture. She does most of the posts for Pro Ocean and advises and supports our project manager on site with her expertise on plants and especially mangroves.

Favorite water spot:    Mekong river, Vietnam

Favorite song:            


Sustainability Strategist

Jane is the newest member of Pro Ocean and supports the team with her SDG expertise. While studying to become a childhood educator, her heart already beat for education for sustainable development. She is currently studying for a Master's degree in "Sustainable Development Cooperation" at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern.

Favorite water spot:    Scarborough Beach Australia

Favorite song:              Sittin on the dock of the bay, Otis Redding


Marine Scientist Advisor

Paula holds a PhD in ocean science and has been researching on ocean plastic and its consequences for many years. At Pro Ocean, she works as a scientific advisor and supports us in all issues related to our project and its further development.

Favorite water spot:   Beaches of Alicante, Spain

Favorite song:             Whish you were here, Pink Floyd

What about making a difference? being Pro Ocean?

We collect plastic and other waste on 6 days a week on Negros Island, Philippines. Areas of operation are beaches, estuaries and mangrove forests, as most plastic enters the oceans via rivers and beaches.

By doing this, we prevent plastic from entering the oceans in the first place and turning into microplastics. In addition, we don’t need expensive technology and involve local people.

By the way: In the meantime, evidence of microplastics has even been found in the Arctic and in human blood.

Wir sammeln an 6 Tagen die Woche auf der Insel Negros, Philippinen. Einsatzgebiete sind Strände, Flussmündungen und Mangrovenwälder, da das meiste Plastik über Flüsse und Strände in die Ozeane gelangt.

Wir verhindern damit, dass Plastik überhaupt die Ozeane erreicht und zu Mikroplastik werden kann. Außerdem brauchen wir keine teure Technologie und beteiligen die Menschen vor Ort.

By the way: Inzwischen wurde sogar schon in der Arktis und in menschlichem Blut der Nachweis von Mikroplastik erbracht.