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Thanks a lot to all the Helpers and involved officials for making our first organized CLEAN-UP such a great success.

First year’s result

Our path is far from over! We collected about 15.000 kg of plastic from our oceans - in our first year. Thanks to all the contributors out there! We will go on with our work and keep on going for a clean ocean ?

Choosing the right course

Hope everyone is sailing steadily into a good weekend. We know Covid -19 has hit a lot of counties hard and the lockdown is hard for all of us personally. Our thoughts are out there with you. ?
Have a look at this well analyzed nature article about how plastic is getting from rivers into the ocean, written by: Laurent C.M. Lebreton, Joost van der Zwet, Jan-Willem Damsteeg, Boyan Slat, Anthony Andrady & Julia Reisser.