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An evaluation criterion for the impact on the environment (/environmental compatibility / environmental friendliness) of your company is the amount and type of waste generated. In general, waste reduction can be understood as the starting point for environmental protection. This includes waste such as CO2 emissions and plastics. A plastics balance sheet provides you with an overview of the points in the company process at which plastic waste is generated and the amount of this waste. Such a balance sheet provides you with a basis for setting targets to reduce this waste. After all, you can’t change what you don’t measure and recognize.

Depending on your industry and your goals, you can create the balance in three different scopes. In the CO2 sector, these are called “scopes” according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol:

  • Scope 1 covers the direct waste in your company, e.g. production waste or surplus, etc.
  • Scope 2 covers indirect waste, e.g. packaging waste from incoming deliveries or waste generated in the canteen (disposable plastic, etc.).
  • Scope 3 covers a variety of indirect waste generated along your entire value chain, e.g. during raw material production, on the logistics route, through packaging at the customer, etc.

Avoid and reduce

As a first step, we recommend that you record the waste generated and document it in as much detail as possible. This work will help you to understand at which points in the process which quantities of waste are generated. In the next step, it is worthwhile to collect measures for all waste generated in order to get an overview of which waste can be avoided and with what effort (cost and time). With this detailed overview, you can now create a plan for environmental protection in the last step. This plan should contain the desired scope and a time horizon with detailed milestones and targets. For example, the process to become an environmentally friendly company can also be started with individual products. For this, the waste balance is calculated on a single product. This product can then later be designated as a “zero-waste” product.

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