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Day: November 4, 2020

Sailing boat in the sunset

You always have the chance to realign your current course by taking a new direction. You can change it dramatically by pulling the rudder around, or steadily a little bit by simply adjusting the course little by little. It is always a good time to think about the current course. The year 2020 in particular offers plenty of opportunity for this. We hope that you will find your course and that you will sail with tailwind.

Thanks a lot to all the helpers and involved officials for making our first organized CLEAN-UP such a great success.

First year’s result

Our path is far from over! We collected about 15.000 kg of plastic from our oceans - in our first year. Thanks to all the contributors out there! We will go on with our work and keep on going for a clean ocean !

Have a look at this well analyzed nature article about how plastic is getting from rivers into the ocean, written by: Laurent C.M. Lebreton, Joost van der Zwet, Jan-Willem Damsteeg, Boyan Slat, Anthony Andrady & Julia Reisser.